This service includes a notarization, an authentication, a certified true copy and an apostille of all documents to be related with ordinary business. This notary service will be done under the signature and official seal of the Notary Office, Consulate General or Hong Kong Government according to its purpose.


Certified True Copies

  • This is a notarization of the consistency between the photocopy duplicate and the original, or between the translation and the original.


Notarization by Hong Kong Notary Public

Typical notary tasks are

  • Witness to Power of Attorney, Trust Deed, Letter of Guarantee, Contracts or Agreement etc
  • Birth Certificate, Academic or Professional Qualification Certificates etc

All notaries public are qualified solicitors and in performing their general legal work as a solicitor are subject to the regulation of The Law Society of Hong Kong.


Apostille by Hong Kong High Court

  • Apostille means the court will certify a true copy and deposit a red ribbon to attach all pages.

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