When setting up a company in Hong Kong, you can choose from a range of company types to suit any business requirement. 『Limited Company』is the most commonly used in Hong Kong due to it's fast, easy and affordable to set up.

ANYHKG has a commitment to provide one stop service to set up the Limited Company , including;

• Selection of company’s name
• Incorporation of company
• Business registration
• Arrangement to open bank account.

Clients do not need to visit Hong Kong during initial set up of the limited company, but registered director and bank operator needs visit Hong Kong in person to open bank account for interview and signing with bank.


Company Type


Limited Company

Limite company is incorporated in Hong Kong, which means that the owner can take advantage of all tax benefits and concessions available to any fully incorporated business..


Branch Office of Parent Company

If a company incorporated outside Hong Kong establishes a place of business in Hong Kong, it must register with the Companies Registry as a ‘Registered Non-Hong Kong Company’ within one month of establishment. Unlike a subsidiary limited company, a branch office is not a separate legal entity from the parent company and can leverage funds off the credit rating of its owner.


Representative Offices

This company cannot engage in any profit-making activities and can only fulfill limited functions. They are useful if a company wishes to explore the Hong Kong market before making a larger investment. If the company decides to enter into a transaction which creates a legal obligation, it must change the business to a limited company or branch office.


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