Annual obligation of Limited company


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Annual obligations

According to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and Inland Revenue Ordinance, limited companies in Hong Kong must file annual returns to CR (the department of Hong Kong Company Registry) and IRD (the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department) after the anniversary of its date of incorporation. (e.g. Annual Return, Profit Tax Return and Employer’s Return). Also, individual persons employed by the Company has to update their Individual Tax Return and the Company has to renewal its Business Registration Certificate after the first anniversary of its incorporation.


Tax and Accounting』

In order to file the Profit Tax Return, a company has to prepare annual financial statements and tax computation. This resulting financial statement should be audited by Hong Kong CPA (Certified Public Accountant).


Management of the Company

The Company has to keep the Company Secretary and the Registered Address as required by Companies Ordinance and the company has to declare any changes of company structure (e.g. change of Directors, change of Shareholders, Capital increase and so on) and to keep minute of meeting (e.g. Annual General meeting, Board meeting). The Company may also may need to file other changes (e.g. change of Company Name, liquidation of Company etc).


Operation of the Company

During the ordinary business activities of the Company, the Company needs follow-up direct and indirect tasks related to its own business. e.g. bank, import/export, certification & legalization, trademark registration, VISA application, virtual office and so on.

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Annual obligations of the Company


Filing of Annual Return

An Annual Return (NAR 1) must be filed to the Companies Registry (CR) within 42 days after the anniversary of its date of incorporation.

Annual Return reflects the affairs of the company, which are the appointed company secretary, directors, shareholders, registered address and other records. Even if there are no any changes in records of the company, Annual Return should be delivered to CR for registration.


Renewal of BR (Business Registration Certificate)

The validity of BR is specified for one year and this BR should be renewed before current BR expires. The business registration renewal demand note will be issued by the Business Registration Office approximately one month before.


Filing of Profit Tax Return :

Profit Tax Return for the Company should be filled on time with the supporting documents. The supporting documents for the Company are Certified copy of Statement of Financial Position/Balance Sheet, Auditor’s Report (audited by HKCPA), Tax computation with supporting schedules and other document and information (if necessary). If there is no any tax payable, PTR also should be file in a way of “nil”.


Filing of Employer’s Return :

Employer of the Company has to maintain payroll records of company’s employees and need to report remuneration paid to employees by submitting Employer’s Annual Return (BIR56A and IR 56B). In case of no employee (including one director and shareholder), Employer’s return should be filed accordingly.



Without noticed in advance with any reasonable reasons, failure to comply above duties will result to court summons and fine/penalty.


ANYHKG as a company secretary, will manage the annual obligations on behalf of the Company,

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