Representative Office Formation


Setting up a Representative Office (RO) in Shenzhen


Required Documents for Application:

  • One set of notarized incorporation certificate and incorporation documents of mother Company (has to be endorsed by the PRC Embassy in the country where the company is incorporated).
  • Bank’s Reference letter for mother company bank account (contents should include account balance and reflect an active account status)
  • 2 copies of passport of legal representative for RO
  • 2 colored passport-size photos of legal representative for RO
  • 2 original sets of office lease of the office premise to be used by the Representative Office (the term of lease should not be less than 12 months.)
    The tenancy must be entered into in the name of the Company, and signed by the legal representative.
    The office premise must be in a commercial building and the nature of the premise must be for commercial use only.
    The tenancy agreement must be registered with Shenzhen Housing Management Bureau.
  • A brief summary of the operations and business of the applicant company, (i.e. company name, principal business activities, registered address, and contact phone number; the address and contact number of the managing director of the applicant company…)
  • Official forms and documents for application will be prepared by ANYHKG (Requires the company chop of mother company, signature of the director for the mother company and legal representative for RO)


Application Procedure:

1. Registration for Business License

  • Submission of application documents to the Shenzhen Administrative Bureau of Industry and Commerce to apply for registration certificate. Under normal circumstances, the Certificate of Registration will be issued in 5-7 working days after receipt of application documents.
  • Once the Certificate of Registration is issued, the RO is deemed to have been legally established.

2. Engraving of company stamps

  • Approval from Shenzhen Municipal Police Office for engraving of common seals and order of the stamps with authorized stamp engraving company

3. Application of "Organization Code" and Card

  • Application to the Shenzhen Technology and Quality Supervision Bureau

4. State and Local Tax Registration

  •     Registration with State Tax Bureau Shenzhen Branch and Shenzhen Municipal Tax Bureau for application of State Tax Registration Certificate and Shenzhen Local Tax Registration Certificate


[Estimated Time Frame for RO Formation]



Time Required (Working Days)

Business License Registration

5 to 7

Application and engraving of Company stamps


Organization Code License Application


State Tax Registration


Local Tax Registration


Total time required

3 ~ 4 weeks



  • All signatures for official documents must be signed by black-ink fountain pen / felt-tip pen.
  • All documents for submission to the PRC government/authorities have to be in PRC. (Clients should get their notarized documents translated and endorsed by the PRC Embassy in their residence country)

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