A client operating the Company in remote management with a virtual office in Hong Kong, may encounter inconvenient situations to follow-up subsequent business in Hong Kong after initial set-up.

ANYHKG provides a customized service to assist client to focus on their core business. With these services, clients will achieve their business objectives with cost and time efficiency


Commercial Secretary Service in virtual office

This service provides all administrative work such as business address establishment, business documentation, correspondence with bank and any parties to be required, meeting arrange, translation, etc.


Proxy Office Service

This service provides a proxy task acting as a branch office or a representative. This service includes an expansion of task to the Commercial Secretary Service. E.g. business consulting and negotiation representative, public relation manager, business plan, feasibility study of test market and so on. Client who need operate a company for a transition business could use this service prior to set-up the Company. Or Clients who have a business in Hong Kong, but lack of human and office resources, could use this service


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