Hong Kong is well known for its banking infrastructure. Opening a business bank account in Hong Kong is straightforward. But for individual non-resident in Hong Kong, the process is not so easy to open a new bank account. For business bank accounts, you need to register and incorporate your business as you will need these documents for your bank account application. Banks in Hong Kong normally require a minimum deposit the amount of which varies between different banks.

Hong Kong’s anti-money laundering guidelines, Know Your Customer, mean that banks request identity and residence information for all beneficial owners of the company before they open an account. And directors (minimum 2) and signatories must attend the meeting to process the account opening.

After presenting all document required to the bank, the process takes 3~5 working days. The decision to open a bank account for new company is at the discretion of banks.

ANYHKG provides clients with the detail instruction, prepares documents required, arranges an appointments, and leads clients to progress favorably in the meeting with banks.

Required documents to open bank account

  • Director(s)'s Passport, address proof
  • Shareholder(s)'s passport copy and address proof
  • Business Plan (A typical form organized with FAQ, provided by ANYHKG)
  • Business Registration Certificate (prepared by ANYHKG )
  • Certificate of Incorporation (prepared by ANYHKG )
  • Statutory Record (prepared by ANYHKG )
  • Common Seal and stamp (prepared by ANYHKG )

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