Nominee Director

The Company incorporated in Hong Kong should have at least one director of natural person according to the Company Ordinance. But, depending on the business nature or a personal circumstance of client, a person may be required to be appointed to act as an administrative director of the Company on behalf of the real owner. This position is called a nominee director, and is mainly used for a real owner who wishes to remain anonymous, to prevent disclosure of personal information. The nominee director will provide the real owner with a legal document of , and the role of the nominee director is highly limited to a scope of works defined by agreement. With this, the real owner will be entitled to perform the ordinary business activities of the Company while taking full responsibilities for operating the Company.


Nominee Shareholder

A nominee shareholder is either a person or an incorporated company as the holder of shares on behalf of the real owner. In order to ensure the right of the real owner, a document of is made as a contract to establish the real owner to exercise all voting rights and otherwise deal with the shares only in accordance with the instructions of the real owner.



Prior to applying for incorporation with Nominee director/shareholder, the client may be required to identify the nature of business in order to avoid involving any illegal business activities.


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