Offshore companies are used in a variety of ways for international business structuring and tax planning. The countries with incorporated offshore company commonly offer no-tax filing requirement, simple company formation procedure and low cost of company operation maintenance. In Hong Kong, offshore companies can be legally incorporate with a bank account.

Major purposes ;

  • Free remittance of profits
  • Security of property rights and enhanced privacy
  • Access to tax treaties, reduced taxation and low cost for operating company
  • Banking privacy, sophisticated banking facilities.
  • Fewer restrictions and required obligations (no annual return and accounts),
  • foreign investment inducements, political stability

Typical business types;

  • Trading
  • Investment, financing
  • Holdings, intellectual property, tax planning
  • Services and consultancy
  • Ship management

Specific requirement

  • Shareholders and directors : No any restriction of nationality, at least one shareholder and direct over 18 years old.
  • Capital : min U$ 50,000 or min U$ 100,000 depending on countries
  • Document for incorporation of company
    + Name of company (or can choose a name of shelf companies)
    + Certified true copy of HK’s ID or passports of shareholders and directors
    + Address proof of shareholders and directors
    and others (can be different depending on country)
  • Time for incorporation : 7 ~ 14 working days (incorporate a new company or purchase a shelf)

Current available countries to incorporate offshore company

    BVI, Seychelles, Anguilla

For further enquiries, please feel free to contact to ANYHKG’s customer centre

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