Company Name

The company name must be unique to the index of company names kept by Registrar of Companies. English name and/or Chinese name can be used.

ANYHKG recommends preparing 2 ~ 3 names of company and will conduct a name search for validation.


Shareholder and Director

There is neither residency requirement nor restriction of nationality for shareholder and director. The sole shareholder can be a director of the company. Corporate shareholder is acceptable, but at least one natural person has to be appointed as director. (Director should be over 18 years old)

Required documents for Shareholders and assigned Directors are (1): Passport copy and (2) proof of residential address (in English)


Company Secretary & Registered Address

At least one company secretary is required. Company secretary can be a natural person or body corporation. Company secretary should be a natural person who ordinarily resides in Hong Kong, and a body company to be registered its office in Hong Kong.

The registered office of the company must be situated in Hong Kong.

ANYHKGprepares these services for our clients.


Capital Requirement

Minimum subscribed share capital is 1 share (equivalent to HKD1). We recommend setting the subscribed share capital at HKD 10,000.

No capital duty required after June 2012 for new incorporation, increase of nominal share capital and allotment of shares.


Application Fee

The Inland Revenue Department(IRD) and Company Registry(CR) impose business registration fee, company registration fee and levy.

ANYHKG offer a reasonable packaged service fee including: processing company registration, statutory document preparation, company secretary and registered address services, and bank account arrangement.

Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our customer service center.


Processing steps

If shareholder and director is individual and/or Hong Kong Company, we can simply apply through e-Registration

If shareholder and director is Non-Hong Kong Company, all statutory documents should be applied to the desk of IRD and CR.

In case of e-registration, WITHIN 1-DAY ! , ANYHKG have a commitment to complete processing the company registration within one working day after confirming the payment of service fee and collecting all statutory document required, we will send all registered document by e-mail within one working day. Original document including our additional services will be delivered to client by post or by hand when client visit Hong Kong to open bank account..

In case of Non-Hong Kong Company, processes take around 5 working days after collecting all statutory document required.


Completion of registration

ANYHKG will deliver with clients the followings after completion of registration,

BR (Business Registration) : 1 original copy and e-file

CI (Certificate of Incorporation) : 1 original copy and e-file

NNC1 (Incorporation form) : 1 original copy and e-file

A&A (Articles of Association) : 1 original copy and e-file

Share certificate : 1 original copy

Company Seal, Company Chop : 1 set


ANYHKG Packaged Service Fee Click on link for download :
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